For Consumers

Red Apple Capital knows that retailers need many financing options for their customers. Red Apple Capital is the conduit to find alternative funding sources for your business and to constantly monitor the marketplace for additional offerings with the goal of keeping your approval rates as high as possible.

Red Apple Capital processes loan requests through an on-line loan portal that is owned by Red Apple Capital. Retailers can access the loan portal via an in-store computer, laptop or tablet. The process from application input to loan signing takes no more than 10 minutes and in many cases is much shorter.

By way of the Red Apple Capital portal and the website Red Apple Capital clients have access to multiple lenders; each with their own set of criteria for approvals.Lender decisions are based on their underwriting parameters and each lender has unique lending options for the consumer. When you process a loan through our portal and your business now has access to multiple lenders that will deliver higher approval rates and fewer missed sales.

Once the loan is approved and the consumer signs the Retail Installment Contract, the retailer receives their funds within 48 hours and some cases within 24 hours.

We work directly with retailers in setting up their portal and providing the financing programs to grow their business.

If your business needs a financing program for consumers to purchase your products or services then talking with Red Apple Capital is a good idea.