For Business

Red Apple Capital knows that dental practices, veterinary practices, pet hospitals, specialty medical practices and funeral homes serve clients with varying degrees of credit qualifications. Red Apple Capital is the conduit to find alternative funding sources for these clients in need of non-traditional credit offerings as well as very competitive offerings for more qualified clients.

Red Apple Capital processes loan requests through an on-line loan portal that is owned by Red Apple Capital. Your office personnel will find it easy to access the loan portal via their office computer, laptop or tablet. The majority of process can even be completed by the client for maximum privacy and comfort. The process from application input to loan signing takes no more than 10 minutes and in many cases is much shorter.

When you process a loan through our portal and your client now has access to multiple lenders that will deliver higher approval rates and increase your client satisfaction and retention.

We work directly with your office staff in setting up the portal and providing training to help them explain the financing programs to your clients. If you need a financing program to improve your existing low approval rate offering then talking with Red Apple Capital is a good idea.