For Lenders

In 2015, Red Apple programmed a loan portal for use in the retail and professional services sector. Red Apple Capital can now expand its loan portal to include other lenders who can provide a variety of financing options to the consumer. Lenders gain access to consumers through our client base of retailers and professional services providers. Our clients can process one application and receive several credit decisions within seconds eliminating the need to send multiple applications to different lenders.

Red Apple Capital processes loans to lenders through an Application Program Interface (API) with the lender. Information is securely sent and stored by our IT provider and information is stored at a national IT infrastructure provider and data center. The data center has both an updated Service Organization Control Report (SOC-1 and SOC-2) for review. Because Red Apple Capital has no direct connection with the lenders underwriting decision tree, your underwriting is protected. All Red Apple Capital receives is an approval with terms and conditions or a decline.

All lenders use their approved Retail Installment Contracts or other loan documents once the loan is approved. Documents are signed by the consumer via an e-doc signature product and then all documents are transferred to the lender through a secured FTP site.

Using our loan portal saves the lender time and expense of developing their own portal. Red Apple Capital provides training and targeted incentives to improve your results. Our growing client list provides lenders access to thousands of prospective borrowers who have made a decision to purchase a product but are looking for alternative financing arrangements.

If you are a lender and interested in providing financing to consumers through a safe and easy portal, please call us to discuss the opportunity. We can customize lending requirements to fit your needs and processes.